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How to Create the Perfect All-Season Outdoor Living Space

Most homeowners love spending time in their outdoor spaces. However, in many parts of the country, outdoor activities need to be moved back inside once the temperatures drop and the weather begins to feel frosty. The good news is that there are a variety of ways you can design an outdoor space perfect for all seasons. (more…)

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Where to Find Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodel

When it is time to spruce up your kitchen with a new look, finding the styles, colors, or textures that resonate with you can be a bit of a challenge. But with some inspiration — and help from a qualified design professional — you can improve the aesthetics of your space in no time. (more…)

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How to Remodel Your Home With Safety and Wellness in Mind

Safety has always been a crucial component in home remodeling for many years, but in the post-pandemic era, many homeowners now have an increased focus on wellness design. This heightened interest extends beyond germ reduction. Many people are including high-tech kitchens and sanitation in their home renovation projects, assuring them of a safe home.  (more…)

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Wet Room Remodeling Part 2: Design Tips

Wet rooms are an open-plan bathroom design that allows you to have a spa-like experience in the space. Not only that, but they can also provide increased safety and independence to those with reduced mobility.  (more…)

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How Big Should Your Kitchen Be?

The size of a typical residential kitchen has increased over the years. In general, residential kitchens in the U.S. have gradually evolved into spaces that are not only for meal prepping but also for social functions. Many newly built homes feature kitchens that have large dining areas and open spaces for entertaining. Contemporary kitchens utilize an open-concept room design, combining the kitchen, dining, and living spaces into one. (more…)

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The Comeback of Dining Rooms

When somebody mentions the term "dining room," many often think of the old-fashioned spaces used for special occasions and formal events. These days, large kitchen islands and breakfast nooks are preferred instead of a separate area for meals. The past few years paved the way for dining rooms to become increasingly popular again. This is ultimately a result of lockdown life where parents and children have a renewed focus on[...]

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Wet Room Remodeling Part 1: Why It’s a Great Option

Open floor plans have been an ongoing trend in home design for years now. They usually involve combining the kitchen, dining, and living spaces into one. These days, however, an open floor plan is being adopted in bathroom renovation projects through wet rooms. These are spaces where the shower and the rest of the bathroom floor are not separated both in height and partitions. They're exactly what they are — areas designed[...]

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What to Consider if You’re Adding an Extra Bathroom

A bathroom addition can be costly, depending on the scale of the project and the materials you're going to use. However, it is still a worthwhile project to consider, especially if you want to increase the resale value of your home. If you have a growing family, an extra bathroom will surely benefit your entire household. (more…)

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Why Should You Consider Aging in Place?

A study by AARP reveals that around 90% of American seniors prefer staying in their homes as they age rather than entering assisted living facilities. Some people, however, are concerned about whether their current homes can meet the changing needs of older family members. (more…)

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Home Office Must-Haves

More and more people have embraced remote work nowadays. To ensure your workspace is properly set up and meets all your needs to remain productive and efficient, you should pay attention to a few important things. (more…)

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