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5 Clever Ideas for Small Bathrooms

As a local bathroom remodeling company, we at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen have seen our fair share of tiny bathrooms. Here’s a secret: small bathroom renovation jobs are among our all-time favorites. We love the challenge of packing as much beauty and function as possible into limited floor space. It’s like working on a life-size jigsaw puzzle!

If you’re looking at your tiny bath and wondering what can be done with it, keep reading. Below are a few time-tested small bathroom tips you may want to incorporate into your next remodel.

Ideas for Living Large in a Small Bathroom

  • Get unhinged. One of the best bathroom space-saving hacks is to switch from a hinged entry door (which almost always opens inward) to a sliding or pocket door.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mirrors are a designer’s favorite trick for making a space look bigger and brighter. You don’t need an entire mirror wall to achieve this effect, but try to go as big as you can.

  • Clear the floor. Getting as many things as possible off the floor gives the illusion of more floor space. Think wall-mounted toilets, floating vanities and pedestal sinks. Many designers also recommend losing the tub if you really want to open up your floor space.

  • No visual breaks. Examples of common visual breaks in bathrooms are shower curtains and tile transitions. Choose frameless shower panels, curbless showers and continuous flooring for a seamless look.

  • Go up, not out. Even if your floor space is tiny, your bathroom is likely not cramped in the height department. Use this to your advantage! Embrace vertical space by adding wall storage. Emphasize your bathroom’s tall lines by using a tile design that draws the eye upwards. If you enjoy light/dark color contrasts, keep your walls light and use a dark floor and/or ceiling. Otherwise, keep everything light.

Build the Bathroom That’s Right for You

Your small bathroom can become the bathroom of your dreams with a little help from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park. Talk to us at (954) 637-6386 or fill out our contact form to schedule a meet-and-greet at our design center.

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