Combining Metals in Your Home Design

Mixing metals in your home décor adds depth, contrast, and interest to a room. Whether it’s the charm of brass knobs against a sleek stainless-steel sink in the kitchen or the dynamic duo of chrome and copper in your bathroom, the right combination can transform ordinary spaces into remarkable interiors. But how do you pull off this trend without making your spaces look disorganized or overwhelming? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park shares some tips in this post.

Establish a Dominant Metal

For a cohesive look, your bathroom remodeler would suggest selecting a primary metal that will guide the design and serve as the foundation for your space. This could be the metal of the fixtures and fittings in your kitchen or bathroom. Choosing a suitable dominant metal will anchor your design to your home’s character. Opt for warm-toned metals like brass or copper in traditional settings or cooler metals like stainless steel or chrome for more modern interiors.

Mix With Complimentary Metals

Once you’ve identified your primary metal, introducing one or two additional metals will add layers and complexity to your space. Choose metals with contrasting finishes or colors for maximum impact. Think matte black fixtures against a shiny chrome faucet or aged brass lighting fixtures illuminating a kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Remember to consider the undertones of your metals. Warm-toned fixtures pair well with other warm finishes but can also balance cooler tones when used thoughtfully.

Consider the Rule of Three

Limiting your choice to no more than three metals is a guideline often suggested by design experts. This rule helps maintain harmony within your space, preventing it from becoming visually cluttered. For instance, combining brushed nickel, polished chrome, and a touch of matte black can offer a sophisticated palette that’s easy on the eyes while still making a statement.

Use Metal Finishes to Highlight Features

Metal accents can guide the eye and draw attention to critical features of your room. For example, your bathroom contractor might add brass lighting to accentuate the elegance of marble countertops or a bold copper hood as the focal point of your kitchen. By mixing metals intentionally, you can highlight architectural details or favorite décor elements in your home.

Maintain Balance and Cohesion

Across different spaces in your home, try to maintain a thread of continuity in your metal selections. Maintaining a consistent dominant metal throughout, with varying accent metals in each room, creates a sense of unity without sacrificing the unique character of each space.

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