How to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t love the idea of a sun-filled bathroom where natural light pours in, making the room feel airy, open and wonderfully serene? At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park, we know exactly how to transform that dream into reality. Learn in this blog post the many different ways to draw in natural light into your bathroom and how a professional bathroom remodeler can help.

The Benefits of More Natural Light

Having more natural light in your bathroom doesn’t just make it look good; it feels good too. It can make your space appear larger and more welcoming. Not only does it allow you to perform close-up grooming tasks, but it can also help you save energy during the day. Natural light is also known to boost mood and productivity.

Techniques to Consider

There’s an art to harnessing natural light and this is where a skilled bathroom contractor comes into the picture. Below are techniques that, when implemented correctly, can transform your bathroom into a radiant sanctuary of light.

  • Light-Reflecting Surfaces. Light-reflecting surfaces like mirrors and glossy tiles can help direct more light into your bathroom, making the space brighter and airier. A good bathroom remodeler can provide specific recommendations on design elements like these that can make a huge difference to the brightness and airiness of the room.
  • Installing Larger and Strategically-Placed Windows. If it’s not a structural issue, a good bathroom contractor can suggest installing a bigger window or multiple windows in strategic locations in the walls. Doing so can add more natural light to the space while also providing a lovely view.
  • Selecting Light Color Palettes. Choosing the right wall color is essential since colors with lower values tend to absorb more light. A lighter wall color palette can help reflect light and brighten a space. You can also consider adding textured wallpapers, wall art or even a statement wall to create a subtle contrast and twinkle more light around the room.
  • Other Practical Lighting Solutions. When natural light isn’t enough or is unavailable during certain times of the day, artificial lighting simply picks up the slack. A bathroom remodeler can suggest the ideal lighting fixtures for your bathroom, including task and ambient lighting. The combination of natural and artificial lighting can provide the perfect ambiance and create a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Using an Automatic Lighting System. If you’re looking for an even more convenient way to enjoy natural light, installing an ‘auto on/off’ lighting system may be a great option. This system allows you to preset the switch to automatically switch on at certain times of the day. This will turn on the lights in the room as soon as it gets darker and turn them off at a preset time to conserve energy.

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