The Importance of Lighting When Remodeling Your Forever Home

Once you have settled on your forever home, your home renovation plans should incorporate features that will accommodate you in your later years. In today’s post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southern Lakes discuss one such feature: lighting. 

Common Visual Challenges That Come With Age

The importance of good lighting becomes more apparent as we age. A person’s vision in their 60s simply won’t be as acute as it was in their 30s. Following are some of the most common visual challenges:

  • Reduced ability to see small details. Loss of elasticity is one of the signs of eye aging. When this happens, the ability of the eyes to focus becomes affected, particularly in low light conditions. This means you’ll need task lighting in the kitchen, home office and other areas where focusing on small details is important.
  • Difficulty adjusting to changes in lighting conditions. Aging pupils react more slowly to sudden changes in lighting conditions. If you find yourself needing time to adjust after walking into a dark room, then you’ll need bright and uniform lighting throughout the house.
  • Increased sensitivity to glare. As the eyes age, they become more sensitive to glare. Applying matte paint finishes to the walls and using opaque lamp shades can help, as well as using window treatments that disperse natural light.

Different Types of Light Sources

When planning your home remodel, the goal is to  make lighting more balanced — remember that too much lighting can be just as bad as too little. 

Natural Lighting 

There are many benefits to incorporating natural lighting. If your home relies on artificial lighting during the day, adding skylights or increasing the size of the windows in your home can help you save on energy costs. Exposure to natural lighting can also help regulate your circadian rhythm and promote better sleep.

North-facing windows provide the best kind of natural light — it’s not harsh and it is consistent throughout the day. South-facing windows tend to offer harsh lighting, particularly in the early afternoon. While east- and west-facing windows also work for natural lighting, some people find the orange light cast at sunrise and sunset too harsh.

Layered Lighting 

Layered lighting involves combining various types of lighting to create functional and cohesively lit indoor spaces. It can include a combination of the following: ambient lighting for general illumination, focus or task lighting for kitchen countertops and office desks, and accent lighting to create focal points. Layered lighting may complement natural lighting to create an evenly lit environment during the day.

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