Bathroom Design Considerations to Think About Before You Remodel

Bathroom renovations incorporate so many elements that it’s easy to lose sight of the small yet important things. In this blog, the bathroom remodeling contractors at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Orland Park discuss important design considerations that should be addressed before you begin your bathroom renovation.

Sink Height

Many homeowners don’t think about their sink’s height until they begin using it. Place a sink a few inches too high or low and it can become a daily annoyance. A sink can even cause back problems if you have to strain to use it. Your remodeler can help you determine the right sink height.

Speaking of the bathroom sink, consider a corner sink instead of a full-sized one. It helps save space, looks great and doesn’t require much change to the plumbing.

Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom lighting is one of the most overlooked elements of bathroom renovation. The right kind of lighting can set the mood for a relaxing bath and create a more flattering look when you use your vanity mirror.


Hardly anyone talks about exhaust fans, yet without them, a bathroom is prone to mold and mildew, as well as blistering paint and discolored finishes. You also need to think about window styles that you can easily open when you need to let fresh air in.

Toilet Placement

The toilet should ideally be kept out of sight of the bathroom door. If yours is not, correcting the layout might mean changing the bathroom floorplan along with the plumbing. The latter option is not easy to do if you have limited floor area, but you can have a partition added to hide the toilet from view.

How Can We Help?

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