These Kitchen Flooring Materials Feel Great Underfoot

A kitchen remodel presents an opportunity to select materials that not only appeal to the eye but also ensure practical and comfortable use. When it comes to kitchen flooring, the aim is to combine durability with comfort, especially since this area of your home sees daily foot traffic. Local kitchen renovation expert DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Hollywood takes a look at some of the go-to flooring options for kitchens.

Cork Flooring

Imagine a floor that gently yields to each step, rebounds gracefully and produces a natural warmth — that’s cork flooring. Harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, cork flooring boasts a level of cushioning ideal for the demands of a kitchen environment. Cork comes in a variety of hues and textures, as well as in tile and plank forms, making it a flexible choice for different kitchen styles. While it requires protective sealing to prolong its life against potential scratches and dents, the investment in cork guarantees a cosseting surface for your food preparation and cooking adventures.


Linoleum may evoke a bygone era, but its virtues are timeless, offering a soft, yet enduring, surface for your kitchen floors. This all-natural material, including elements such as linseed oil and powdered cork, brings a bounty of color options and patterns to the table. For any home remodel, linoleum is not merely a nod to nostalgia but a smart modern choice that can endure the rigors of kitchen life, cheffing sessions and spontaneous kitchen dance-offs, provided it’s properly sealed and maintained.

Vinyl Flooring

When budget and practicality are paramount, vinyl flooring triumphs. Available in sheets or a wide range of styles and hues, vinyl presents an opportunity to play with design while ensuring a resilient and easy-to-clean surface. Although it may not boast the longest lifespan compared to other materials, its cushioned underlayer offers a gentle reprieve for tired feet. Perfect for a dynamic kitchen in a bustling home, vinyl ensures a low-maintenance lifestyle with a dash of panache.

Hardwood and Bamboo

Warm, inviting and timeless, hardwood floors in a kitchen exude an unmatched elegance. With qualities that offer a softer reprieve compared to stone or tile, wood flooring imbues any kitchen remodel with warmth. And while concern for water damage is valid, choosing site-finished wood floors can mitigate these worries, providing extra protection through the sealing process. Alternatively, bamboo flooring, a sturdy grass cousin to hardwood, offers similar comfort with the bonus of sustainability. Select moso bamboo for the highest durability and enjoy the added comfort and style that wood floors bring to any kitchen renovation project.

Alternate Options: Mats and Rugs

Regardless of your primary flooring choice, there’s always the option of enhancing comfort with strategically placed mats or rugs, especially in the high-traffic zones of your kitchen. Gel mats or cushioned area rugs can add a touch of personal flair while providing additional support, ensuring that your stance feels as good as your kitchen looks.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

If any of these flooring materials are appealing to you, or you’d like to know the best materials for your kitchen flooring, don’t hesitate to call DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Hollywood. Our kitchen remodel experts are committed to enhancing your quality of life by working with you to create a kitchen that meets your unique wants and your needs.

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