Factors Affecting a Bathroom Remodeling Timeline

Have you recently called for a bathroom estimate for your next project? It is important to note that regardless of a well-thought-out plan and in-depth preparations, there are still factors that may negatively impact the completion of your renovation project. 

Factors That Can Affect Your Timeline 

1. Who executes the project. Attempting to complete a project on your own can result in longer completion times. In just a few days, skilled contractors can do jobs that would take inexperienced homeowners weeks. They also typically deliver higher-quality and longer-lasting results than DIY work. As a rule, hire a general contractor so you don’t need to look for different companies for every job, such as carpentry and plumbing.

2. Item availability and delivery. This factor can be invariable and you’ll have to consider weather conditions as well as your location. Hence, prior to construction, it’s best to secure everything you need after getting the kitchen quote. Delivery delays can push back your completion schedule from days to weeks.   

3. The scale of your project. How big are the changes you’re planning to make in your bathroom? Are you changing the layout or keeping the current one? Depending on how major the alterations are and how complex your project is, it can take from a few days to weeks. Expect your project to take longer if it requires alteration of plumbing and electrical.  

Tips to Help You Stay on Schedule

  • Set realistic goals and expectations. You’ll only be disappointed if you set unrealistic expectations for your project, so anticipate delays and prepare for the unexpected. Accidents may happen. Some workers may be late or sick, which can result in schedule changes. You may also discover issues that you need to deal with before finishing the remodel. 
  • Hire the right contractor. Work with a reliable contractor for any project. Asking for referrals from friends and family may be beneficial. Remember that before hiring anyone, do your research, read reviews, look at portfolios and check licensing credentials. Also, it’s essential to hire professionals with proper insurance. 

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