Key Elements of a Mountain Modern Kitchen

One notable rustic kitchen design that’s been gaining a lot of traction among our customers is the mountain contemporary/mountain modern kitchen design. This particular style adapts the design of a rustic mountain home, which can be a bit too cluttered to be practical for modern living. Here are the key elements of a mountain modern kitchen. 

Clean Lines & an Uncluttered Interior

The compact size of a cabin kitchen helps create the homey feel mountain cabins are known for. Modern contemporary kitchens dial down this trademark homeyness a bit by incorporating clean lines and reducing visual and physical clutter. Instead of smaller, more personal decor items, mountain contemporary kitchens favor large, impactful pieces that draw attention to your kitchen without taking up too much space. 

What if you want your kitchen to have a bit more personality? A lot of homeowners find minimalist designs too dull, but there’s always room for customization. Keep in mind that any unique design element you want to add should complement your overall interior. Remember, when it comes to interior design, consistency is key. 

Large Windows & Maximum Natural Light

Improving natural indoor lighting can yield benefits for any kitchen or home, regardless of its design. In addition to brightening the mood inside your home, natural lighting can create the illusion of a wider floor space, which is a defining feature of a modern mountain home. 

Here’s a design tip: one of the advantages of a mountain home is close proximity to the great outdoors. If you want to use nature as a defining feature of your modern mountain home, we recommend installing floor-to-ceiling windows near the kitchen. 

Neutral Colors & an Emphasis on Texture Over Color

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to stick to neutral colors. They never go out of style and help draw attention to the different textures that are found in a modern mountain home. In a modern mountain kitchen remodeling project, building materials such as smooth glass, rough stone, chunky woodwork and textured concrete can easily be integrated into the kitchen decor. 

Here’s another design tip: in line with the modern mountain home’s focus on nature, use locally sourced materials and furniture in your dining area. Furniture and design elements made from local wood, steel and stone help your kitchen and interior blend in better with their natural surroundings. 

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