Transform Your Home by Raising the Ceiling

Ceilings are not often the focal point of an interior remodeling project, but they can be! The humble ceiling is full of potential. It can play a unifying role for the entire room’s design, add drama and provide a sense of spaciousness. If you’re thinking about a home improvement project, look up. 

Go Beyond Standard

There is nothing wrong with having a standard eight-foot-high ceiling, but have you ever entered a home and felt that the space was special? These days, realtors have realized that when homebuyers see a high ceiling, even if it is only a foot higher than standard, they tend to be more willing to spend more. People like space, and even if there is not enough room to expand the footprint of your home, you can improve the feel of any room by adding a foot or two to the ceiling height.

Higher Ceiling = Beauty

The height of the ceiling might not be the only recipe for a more beautiful home, but one study has shown that people do equate a higher ceiling with beauty. The participants had to look at 200 pictures of rooms and indicate whether the room was “beautiful” or “not beautiful”. The participants’ brain activity was studied while they took the test. The participants were more likely to consider a room beautiful if it had a high ceiling!

A Feeling of Freedom

Raising the ceiling of a kitchen — while it might not actually add to the square footage — can make it less stressful to be in that kitchen. More space above gives a feeling of calm and airiness. The same is true with a home office remodel. Having more vertical space can make you feel freer, which can help you zero in on that creativity and focus even if your floor space is limited.

That Vacation Home Feel

If it is within your budget, consider a vaulted ceiling. This is a dramatic change that can make you feel as if you are waking up in a seaside home even if you are hundreds of miles from the ocean. A vaulted ceiling with skylights is especially effective as there is so much more daylighting. At night, you can enjoy a quiet view of the stars. 

Talk to Our Pros

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