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Ideas to Take Your Guest Bathroom to the Next Level

When we think of bathroom remodeling, the first thing that often comes to mind is creating a high-end master suite. But that shouldn’t mean you forget about the guest bathroom. A few simple tweaks can turn your guest bathroom into a well-thought-out space that your family and friends can enjoy. If you’re considering an upgrade to take your guest bathroom design to the next level, here’s a list of tips to help inspire you.

Universal Appeal

For a guest bathroom, it’s best you stick to a fairly neutral design with universal appeal. Monochromatic tones can lend an elegance to your space and will never go out of style. You can play around with textures, shapes and materials to make the room visually interesting. One of the things that might work well is to have a bathtub to shower conversion done to eliminate the bulky tub and create more floor space within the shower.

Luxurious Extras

Don’t you just love the luxe feel of being in a hotel or resort? It’s easy to recreate the experience in your home simply by adding a few extras to make your guests feel pampered. Add a stack of fresh towels, plush robes, soft slippers and similar spa-like touches to your guest bathroom. Perfumed soaps, bubble baths, lotions and little necessities that are often forgotten at home can transform your guest bathroom from purely functional to extra special.

Open Storage

Call a bathroom renovation company to have open storage solutions built. Open shelving, baskets and bins will allow you to keep extra linens and accessories in plain sight without relegating them to mere clutter. This way, family and friends will be able to tell what toiletries are available. Create styled groupings that lend your guest bathroom luxurious appeal.

Personal Space

Any guest will appreciate you giving them some space where they can store their own personal necessities and accessories. Elderly relatives might have medicines that’ll they’ll need to keep nearby, a guest with a small baby in tow might appreciate having room for diapers and wipes, and so on.

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