How to Get Bigger & Brighter Rooms Without Major Renovation Work

Dark spaces in the home can make it look dreary. Luckily, home renovation contractors near me say that it isn’t too hard to bring a little bit of light and cheer into your home with a few simple tricks. Cleaning your windows (and keeping them sparkling clean) can make a significant difference in brightening up your home, but that’s just a small start. Look at the options you can play around with to keep your spaces light and bright:

  • Go sheer with window treatments. Light curtains will help bring more light into the room without compromising your need for privacy.

  • Are overgrown hedges and low-hanging tree branches blocking your light from the outdoors? Trimming back outdoor foliage and changing up your landscaping with new plantings can allow more light into the home.

  • The use of light-colored natural upholstery and accent materials can help a room feel more open and airy. Use the likes of jute rugs and blond woods, and add plenty of plants to make your spaces cozier.

  • Use transparent glass panels instead of solid doors between rooms. This will allow rooms to flow into each other and make them feel more spacious.

  • Dark-colored floors, walls and ceilings shrink a room visually in size. Paint your walls and ceilings with lighter and brighter colors to give a greater sense of space. Use light-colored area rugs on dark floors to help create a brighter palette as well.

  • Nix large furniture and replace with pieces that have slimmer profiles. Sofas with exposed legs and the use of low tables can make a space feel roomier.

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