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Stainless steel is a common metal finish favorite among homeowners. Stainless steel looks pristine, shiny, and clean. We definitely understand the appeal. However, there are many other metal finishes available for the kitchen. You can mix and match the different metals for a rich and diverse kitchen backdrop. Below we have outlined some of the metal finish types you may want to consider for your kitchen remodel, as well as possible combinations of metal finishes.

Metal Finish Types

  1. Copper Pendant Lights: Pendant lights are very popular, and a copper finish complements nicely with most backsplashes.
  2. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Knobs and Pulls: Many people like the oil-rubbed bronze finish for drawer and cabinet handles. This metal is sprayed with a dark coating to make it look like it is aged bronze.
  3. Yellow Brass Nickel Faucets: You may want to consider yellow brass nickel for the faucet and other related fixtures. This is the type of finish that you see on a saxophone or trombone.

Combinations of Metal Finishes

Some metal finishes go better with certain backdrop types. We have some suggestions for you, but we would also encourage you to experiment with your own combinations.

  • Stainless steel fridge and stove with copper pendant lights
  • White or walnut cabinet doors with oil-rubbed bronze drawer handles
  • Dark quartz countertops with yellow brass nickel faucets
  • A black-painted island with nickel pendant lights directly above it

These are just a few remodeling tips that just barely scratch the surface of options available. Explore other possibilities to determine the most complimentary metal finishes for your existing or planned kitchen design.

Incorporate the Ideal Mixed Metal Finish Combinations With The Help Of Our Remodeling Professionals

Metal finishes for the kitchen are just one more way to add variety to your remodeling plan. Consider what combinations will work best for your type of kitchen. When you have an idea in mind, contact DreamMaker of East Georgia to schedule your free consultation. Call us at (478) 268-4206 today!

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