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Marble Master Makeover

Project Name
Marble Master Makeover
Project Story
This upstairs master bath had been a source of frustration to these home owners for many years due to the low sloping ceiling. They were ready for a whole new look and feel. They hated the low ceiling over the tub/shower because the showerhead was so low. The same issue was a problem in the vanity area. They were also tired of the yellow bathtub and the carpet in the vanity area.  Our client loves Carrara marble and wanted it throughout her bathroom. She wanted a solution to the low ceiling issue and a vanity with a pull-out organizer. Their home has a modern style, so she wanted the bathroom to be classic but clean and simple in its finishes. To solve the issue of the sloping ceiling over the shower area, we rotated the shower 90 degrees so that there is plenty of headroom when standing and a seat in the lower end of the shower allows for comfortable head clearance when seated as well. This shower is much more pleasant for the clients to use! We also rotated the vanity and created a custom vanity and mirror to fit with the sloping ceiling, and this new layout provides much more space. The Carrera marble countertops and modern style  gave the client the classic but clean and simple look they wanted. The finished bathroom is a beautiful, spacious improvement to the clients' lives!
Project Category
Bathroom Remodeling
Job Category
Master Bath
Services Performed
Carpentry, Designing, Doors, Electrical, Flooring, Installation, Lighting
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A low, sloping ceiling made the shower and vanity areas very unpleasant to use.
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