Handy Tips on Crafting a Remodeling Inspiration Board

An inspiration board can make the design phase of your interior remodeling project more fun. With this tool, you can organize your ideas in one place. It can spark your creativity and give you a better picture of how your updated space will look like. Keep reading for tips on how to craft a remodeling inspiration board. 

Gather Inspiration

Start by gathering inspiration for your remodel. Pinterest and Instagram are great online platforms for getting interior design ideas. Browse magazines and cut images that you find interesting. You can also visit homeware stores and capture photos of items that might work for your space. If possible, gather paint chips and material samples. 

Choose Your Format

You could either go traditional or digital for your remodeling inspiration board. Among the most popular online platforms for creating inspiration boards are Pinterest, Style Sourcebook and Canva. You can use a corkboard, foam board, or pinboard if you prefer a physical visual tool. 

Put Your Ideas Together

Creating and organizing an inspiration board can take weeks or even months. As you work on yours, you’ll eventually see common themes that can help guide your design decisions. If your board still looks scattered, you might need to refine it more. You may need to remove some colors or patterns to make it look more cohesive. 

Share Your Inspiration Board

After making your inspiration board, let your remodeler see it. If you still haven’t found the right company for your project, look up “remodeling contractor near me” online. Your friends and family might also be able to recommend local contractors. 

Your contractor will better understand your style preferences through your inspiration board. Reliable professionals will also ask you about your lifestyle and habits so they can design and create spaces tailored to your unique needs. 

Make the most of your investment by working with a reputable contractor like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Colorado Springs. You can always rely on us for functional, convenient and stylish spaces. Don’t hesitate to reach us for a bathroom or kitchen quote. Call us at (719) 350-4598 or complete our online form to reach our design experts.

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