4 Essential Characteristics of a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom is where you start and end your day. While usually considered a place of relaxation, it can pose safety risks to your aging loved ones. Proper planning and working with an accessible remodeling expert are essential to creating spaces that meet the needs of seniors. 

Read on to discover four essential characteristics of a senior-friendly bathroom. 

4 Key Elements of a Senior Bathroom

1. Safety Features

Always prioritize safety when designing indoor spaces for seniors. Non-slip flooring and grab bars can help prevent slips and falls. Adding seats in the shower are also helpful to people with mobility issues. 

2. Comfort Features

The accessibility of walk-in showers and baths makes them ideal for seniors. Hand-held showers allow physically challenged individuals to wash hard-to-reach parts of their bodies. Raised toilet seats will benefit individuals who use wheelchairs and walkers.

3. Convenient Features

You want to avoid placing storage lower in the room since it could be difficult for seniors to bend over and reach toiletries. Choose fixtures that are easy to use like one-lever faucets. They don’t only look stylish but are also easy to use, even for people with limited mobility. Touchless sink faucets are also a great option because they require minimal effort to operate. If you’re interested in this feature, let your remodeler know so they can provide a more accurate bathroom quote

4. Good Lighting

Sufficient lighting can help seniors safely navigate the bathroom. You want to ensure enough natural light enters the room during the day and there is ample artificial light at night. Your aging loved ones will feel more comfortable and secure in a well-illuminated environment. 

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