A Homeowner’s Guide to Butler’s Pantries

A butler’s pantry, also known as a scullery, is essentially a pantry that bridges the kitchen and dining room. Nowadays, one doesn’t need to hire a butler to enjoy its benefits. In today’s post, local kitchen remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Burlington County takes a look at what it is and why you should consider one for your next kitchen remodel.

Design and Layout

Traditionally, butler’s pantries served as a butler’s living quarters that allowed them to provide service at all times. One of the functions of a butler is to inventory supplies, so a butler’s pantry typically has a desk or countertop and a drawer for keeping documents related to inventory, as well as a spot for posting notices to other workers in the house. For homes that entertain a large number of guests, a butler’s pantry may have a large countertop for staging meals out of sight before service.

Butler’s pantries of today have retained a layout similar to their traditional counterparts. When designing a butler’s pantry, the ideal location is between the kitchen and the dining room. There has to be ample space to move around, and enough storage for supplies. In an open floor plan, strategically placed walls or dividers can take the place of traditional full doors.

Appliances and Fixtures

A butler’s pantry should be properly-equipped with a variety of appliances and fixtures that can aid in hosting gatherings. It can double as a bar filled with a variety of drinks, bar equipment and a small cooler or refrigerator. You’ll need a range hood and a tabletop grill if you and your guests enjoy grilling indoors. Caterers can use the butler’s pantry for catering equipment so they won’t get in the way of a formal dinner service.

Working With a Kitchen Remodeler

Butler’s pantries are not a common part of a typical home floor plan. Therefore, working with a professional kitchen contractor is essential to achieving the perfect butler’s pantry. Often, the floor plan needs to be changed significantly to create the right amount of space, and you’ll want to make sure it’s done right the first time.

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