Packing Your Kitchen to Prepare for a Remodel

The results of a successful kitchen remodeling project can be very rewarding, but the process to get these results is often long and messy. Hiring a full-service contractor to help you get from the planning stage to completion can make things easier and less stressful. You can help get the job done faster by preparing the kitchen for the upcoming project.

A major part of pre-remodel preparation is packing up all your things in an organized way so that when the project is completed, all your kitchen equipment and knick-knacks are safe and ready to be used again. Our experts at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Aiken recommend following the steps outlined below to get started on your preparations.

What You’ll Need

Make sure you have plenty of boxes and bags handy before you begin. Don’t just get one big box to store all your things. This can make unpacking them later a lot more difficult. Instead, choose multiple smaller boxes and organize their contents according to different categories. You’ll also need a roll of packing tape and some markers for easy labeling.

Big Items

Kitchen cabinet refinishing can stir up a lot of dust, which ends up on different surfaces on your kitchen, particularly your counters. Make sure your countertops are cleared first. Don’t include the contents of different cabinets yet. Stick with items that are usually kept out and store them neatly in one area. Include items that are kept on the floor if you have any. Examples of these are indoor potted plants, chairs and small tables.

Small Items

Next, make a list of all the things you use daily. This normally includes cutlery, coffee makers, plates, bowls, cups and some cooking utensils. Place them in their own box separate from the other items you prepared earlier. Kitchen remodels can take days to finish, during which time you will want to use them. 

Fragile Items

Label the boxes you intend to use for glassware and other fragile items accordingly. This way, your kitchen remodelers can take extra care should they need to work around these items. You may want to completely avoid breakage by storing them away from the construction site. 

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