How to Design a Bathroom for All Ages

The bathroom is usually a small space and many homeowners prefer it this way—a smaller bathroom is easier to clean, after all. However, limited space can become a serious problem for mobility-challenged seniors. To prevent this issue from developing in the future, we recommend designing a bathroom that caters to the needs of users of many ages. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Aiken, one of the state’s top bathroom remodel contractors, explores some key considerations when planning bathrooms for different users. 


If you are remodeling, keep in mind that adequate space will become more important as you age. If you use a wheelchair or walker, you will be able to get around easier in a more spacious bathroom. Plan for plenty of room around the toilet, shower area, sink and cabinets, which can also cater to the needs of family members when they come over for a visit. 


Accidental bathroom slips are a common concern not only for seniors but also younger children, which is why we recommend installing slip-resistant flooring and a slip-resistant tub floor if you have a shower/tub combination. Here are some other safety-conscious features we recommend to our clients: 

  • Grab bars 
  • Anti-scald faucets
  • Rounded vanity countertops & cabinets

Ease of Maintenance

It’ll take longer to clean a bigger bathroom, but you can make it easier by installing easy-to-clean features, like grout-free wall panels and flooring. To find out which bathroom features can meet your changing needs, consult the local home improvement contractors at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. 

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