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Fireplace Feature

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Fireplace Feature
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This project came about after we were working on this client’s kitchen; it was actually an additional change order. The original fireplace was a dark green marble tile. Because it was a change order, we didn’t have any before pictures except for a picture that focuses on the bookcase to the left of the fireplace taken for modifications to the shelves, but you can see enough of the fireplace to get an idea. The client was trying to tie the 2 rooms together with the cabinetry details but neither one of us thought about changing the tile originally.  The client was trying to tie the kitchen and living room together, and one of the challenges we faced was whether to remove the existing tile or add new tile over the existing, if it qualified for such. We offered the client two price options and shared the pros and cons of each method. They chose the less expensive overlay method, which I would have done if it were my home because the existing tile was bonded well and left a smooth surface for the new tile and it saved us all from a lot of risk by not having to remove the old tile.  We had enough glass accent tile leftover from the kitchen to add as a feature over the fireplace. My lead carpenter mentioned this to the client and she loved the idea. He did a good job centering the tile layout and creating a picture frame out of oak that matched the surrounding hardwood with a gentle slope created to transition from the height of the tile hearth to the hardwood level.  I think the end result accomplished their goal of tying the living room area to the kitchen, especially now that the tiled fireplace now matched the tile and accent work in the kitchen.
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Interior Remodeling
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Residential Addition
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South Carolina
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