How to Make Your Bathroom Brighter With Natural Light

Natural lighting is a key part of a bathroom lighting plan, and shouldn’t be overlooked when planning a bathroom remodel. In today’s post, local bathroom remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Aiken shares tips on how to draw the most natural light into your bathroom.

The Benefits of Natural Light

Using natural light as your primary source of daytime illumination offers several benefits. A naturally-lit interior space looks more open and spacious. Since bathrooms are typically smaller than other rooms, the increase in visual volume is a welcome improvement. Using natural light as the primary source of natural lighting can also help reduce the need to use electrical lighting, which may result in energy savings.

Natural light also has health benefits. Regular exposure to daytime/nighttime cycles helps regulate human circadian rhythms. This can help promote regular sleep cycles and reduce stress. Sunlight also helps produce vitamin D and increases serotonin levels, which improves mood and boosts productivity.

How to Draw More Natural Light

Having at least one window is the baseline requirement for natural lighting. However, think about the direction the window is facing. Windows that face the east-to-west direction tend to be brightest at sunrise or sunset. South-facing ones receive the brightest light — great for flooding a room with natural lighting — but some people find it too harsh. North-facing windows, on the other hand, tend to be less brighter but more even. Other sources of lighting your bathroom contractor may recommend are skylights and solar tubes.

Reflective surfaces in the bathroom can help spread natural light, and strategically-placed mirrors can be helpful in this regard. Light and neutral colors are particularly effective in refracting natural light, which can help tame harsh light coming from the windows. It can also help illuminate dark corners that aren’t reached by direct light sources.

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