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3 Ways to Update Split-Level Homes

Split-level homes had their heyday a few decades ago when demand for new housing in the suburbs was high but lots were limited, resulting in properties that are small in square footage. Since many years have passed since they were built, a lot of split-level homes are due for upgrades. What can you do to update your split-level home? Here are some home remodeling tips: (more…)

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Tips to Reduce the Risk of VOC Problems During Your Remodel

  Most homes are insulated and sealed from the outside to improve their energy efficiency. Unfortunately, this means that contaminants and pollutants inside homes can linger. The good news is homeowners can take steps to refresh and maintain indoor air. In addition, they can take steps to minimize indoor air quality problems caused by their remodeling projects. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler, a home renovation expert, explains more. (more…)

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3 Ways Real Life Remodeling Is Different From the TV Shows

Watching home makeover shows is a lot of fun, but it can also give you unrealistic expectations. After all, those shows make home renovation seem so quick and simple. Unfortunately, real-life remodeling projects aren’t that exciting or easy. However, by setting realistic goals and expectations, you will be able to have a smooth and successful project. Here’s what to keep in mind. (more…)

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10 Things You’ll See in a DreamMaker Contract

Have you finally decided to invest in that basement renovation or kitchen remodel you’ve been planning for years? To make the most of your upgrade, it’s important to hire a reliable contractor that is licensed by the state and has good references. Next, the contractor should put all plans in writing in the form of a contract. Here are 10 things that should be included in this document. (more…)

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The DreamMaker Partnership: Our Job, Your Home

When it’s time to give your home the makeover it deserves, you definitely want to work with a home remodeling company deserving of your trust and business. Aside from looking at a contractor’s experience, it’s also best to get insight on how the company treats people, customers and staff alike. (more…)

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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen: A History of Remodeling Excellence

When you decide to invest in home updates, it’s crucial to work with a reliable and experienced remodeling contractor. As part of a nationwide network of home renovation contractors, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler is proud to share our company’s history of remodeling excellence—a track record that we believe makes us worthy of your trust and business. (more…)

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3 Remodeling Must-Haves for the Holiday Host

The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re one who loves hosting parties and gatherings, you’ve probably already started making plans as early as now, albeit abstract ideas still. However, is your home as prepared as you are? (more…)

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DreamMaker Services: Enhancing Lives, Improving Homes

If you are planning to improve multiple aspects in your home, it will help to work with a full-service home improvement company that can provide you with various solutions. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler offers services that do not only improve homes, but enhance your quality of life as well. (more…)

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4 Signs to Look For in a Great Remodeling Company

You work hard for your home, and your home should work just as hard for you. If you are tired of making accommodations and living with a lack of storage space, it may be time to renovate your home and make it more livable. (more…)

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Learn About the DreamMaker Process

Whether you are planning a small closet remodel to improve organization or a full custom kitchen remodel to give that room new life, remodeling always starts with the right plan. Until you have a plan in place, it will be impossible to move forward. (more…)

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