Choosing Between a Kitchen Island & Breakfast Bar

Kitchens have gradually evolved into multi-functional rooms. The hub of every home, they not only provide a space to prepare and cook food, they are often big enough to replace a formal dining room. Today, kitchen remodeling contractors are being called on to design a combination kitchen and dining room in lieu of a formal dining room and kitchen. 


Most kitchens these days also have a kitchen island or a breakfast bar meant to be used for food preparation and informal meals. In today’s kitchen, what will work best: a kitchen island or a breakfast bar? Read through the pros and cons of each.

  • Kitchen islands not only offer a generous work surface, but plenty of storage underneath.

  • Your island’s size can be adjusted to fit the space available.

  • Kitchen islands can double as a breakfast bar and provide a comfortable space for eating. 

  • The space is versatile. Prep meals, sit and chat with friends, or have the kids sit and do their homework. 

A kitchen island will require quite a bit of space, so it likely won’t work in a galley kitchen. Kitchen islands are better suited to L- or U-shaped kitchens with sufficient space. You could add a different surface material for the eating area for an interesting twist. 

On the other hand, here are some advantages of breakfast bars.

  • Need an extra work surface? A breakfast bar provides that.

  • Great for informal dining and quick breakfasts, breakfast bars will usually seat three to four people.

  • They can serve as divider between the working kitchen and the dining area.

  • Depending on available space and the unit’s depth, you can build in storage underneath the bar on the kitchen side.

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