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Bedroom Design 101: Designing a Shared Kids’ Bedroom

Designing a shared kids’ bedroom is not child’s play. The good news is you can pull this feat off and still keep your sanity intact! Let home remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler show you the ropes. Here are a few things to keep in mind to create a space that your children will love.

Go With a Theme

Any design expert will tell you to choose a theme so the room looks coherent. You can achieve this by matching elements such as the same type of dresser and bed. However, if your littles have varying interests, don’t be afraid to incorporate variety in accent pieces and complementary colors to give each kid’s individuality a chance to shine. A bedroom that showcases who your kids aspire to be is a great way to foster a strong sense of self.

Make Room for Storage

There’s more to designing a shared bedroom than just making it look cute. A shared children’s bedroom should also have practical features that your kids (and yourself) will appreciate. With this in mind, the one thing that you shouldn’t forget when designing a kids’ room is the storage. Utilize a no-nonsense way to keep everything organized, including bins and shelves.

Choose Timeless Pieces

It’s important to choose furniture pieces that your kids can grow with. This means simple, minimalist designs that they won’t be embarrassed to use even after a few years.

Remodeling for All Ages

As one of the top home remodeling services providers in the area, our team at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler proudly stands behind all of our work. We can design a room for that’s perfect for every member of the family. Call us today at (903) 255-7111 so we can take you one step closer to achieving your dream home.

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