How to Update a Shaker Kitchen (Without Losing Its Charm)

Shaker kitchens, known for their classic lines and timeless appeal, offer a fantastic base for both traditional and modern interpretations. It may seem daunting to inject a bit of contemporary flair into these kitchens while maintaining their traditional look. But by working with an experienced kitchen remodeler like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler, you can successfully blend the old and the new. Here are tips for incorporating a few modern touches without straying from the Shaker style’s inherent charm.

Blend Different Styles for a Refreshing Look

Mixing several design elements can breathe new life into your Shaker kitchen. Consider combining the cozy feel of a French country kitchen with the clean lines of a modern farmhouse style. This blend can create a unique, charming space that pays homage to the Shaker tradition while feeling updated and fresh. Incorporating sleek modern appliances with antique decorative pieces can also balance the old and new seamlessly.

Choose Contemporary Cabinets With Traditional Elements

Updating your Shaker kitchen doesn’t mean you have to replace everything. Focusing on the cabinets, you can opt for a contemporary look by choosing sleeker designs paired with traditional hardware. This approach by a kitchen contractor respects the Shaker philosophy of simplicity and functionality while introducing a modern vibe. Consider materials like brushed steel or satin brass for hardware to add contrast and interest.

Introduce Glass-Fronted or Open Shelving

Replacing solid Shaker wall cabinets with glass fronts or open shelving can instantly modernize your kitchen without losing the Shaker spirit. This change not only adds a new texture and depth to the space but also provides an opportunity to display beautiful kitchenware or decorative items, adding personality and warmth to the kitchen.

Lean Into the Farmhouse Style With Modern Tweaks

A farmhouse-style kitchen works beautifully with Shaker cabinetry, offering a blend of rustic charm and sleek, modern accents. Incorporating materials like marble counters with rough wooden cabinets or modern hardware can create a dynamic, texturally rich space that respects its Shaker roots while expressing a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic.

Incorporate Natural Materials for Texture and Warmth

Shaker kitchens thrive on simplicity and craftsmanship, making the use of natural materials a logical step in updating your space. Consider elements like a cork backsplash for an eco-friendly, textural contrast, or use reclaimed wood for open shelving to add warmth and character. These materials can complement the clean lines of Shaker design while introducing an element of the unexpected.

Experiment With Bold Colors or Unique Finishes

Finally, don’t shy away from color or unique finishes in your Shaker kitchen. While Shaker cabinets generally adhere to a more restrained palette, introducing a bold color through painting or opting for an unconventional finish can set your kitchen apart. Whether it’s a deep navy or a soft sage, color can redefine the space while honoring the simplicity and functionality at the heart of Shaker design.

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