Small Bathrooms: 4 Design Mistakes To Avoid

Small bathrooms have their unique design challenges, and it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re trying to fit as many features and fixtures in such a small space. Before you call a remodeler for a bathroom quote, read on as DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler takes a look at the common (but avoidable) mistakes to watch out for when designing your small bathroom.

  1. Not using storage efficiently. Bathrooms need storage, no matter the size. In small bathrooms, traditional storage designs can easily take up precious real estate. Make the most out of your bathroom’s storage by utilizing the vertical space. Overhead cabinets can be used to store bathroom supplies, leaving within-reach cabinets for daily necessities. Recessed cabinets and niches are also great for getting deeper storage while reducing protrusions that can clutter the bathroom.
  2. Not considering plumbing changes. Some remodelers suggest keeping the original plumbing to keep the bathroom cost down, which means you’ll probably be stuck with floor-mounted fixtures. Wall-mounted fixtures will require significant changes to the plumbing, but they are a great solution for small bathrooms because they take up little to no floor space. They also facilitate easy cleaning, as well as greater flexibility with your bathroom floor plan
  3. Compartmentalizing the bathroom. Compartments like shower enclosures are perfectly fine for standard bathrooms, but they can make small bathrooms look even smaller. Taking your cue from open floor plans: just eliminate walls and design it like a wet room. You can have the shower area sunk just enough to keep water from flowing into other areas of the bathroom. An open-floor bathroom has the additional benefit of being more accessible.
  4. Choosing intricate tile patterns. Small tiles can add intricate details that give bathrooms a unique look. However, intricate patterns are often too busy that they can make the room look smaller. Instead, choose large-format tiles with less-busy patterns. They create the impression of an open space and highlight fixtures and other elements. Fewer tiles also mean shorter installation times, which can help cut down labor cost.

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