5 Tips on Making Your Open Floor Plan Feel Cozier

Open floor plans have undoubtedly outranked traditional floor plans in popularity: they create expansive and flowing spaces that are a hallmark of the modern home. However, an open floor plan can feel like it’s too spacious. If your home happens to feel like this, read on as local home remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler shares tips on how to make a cozier open floor plan home.

  1. Use color to unify spaces. A common color can help pull together even the most disparate of spaces. Select an accent color and thread it throughout all parts of your home — think of it as a “theme” — and it doesn’t have to be the paint, tile or furniture. Small pieces like throw pillows and artwork with a common color are just as effective in connecting a “room” to the rest of the space.
  2. Define areas with rugs. Rugs can make even the coldest-looking space look like a nice spot to stay in. They can also help define areas within a large space: they can anchor seating arrangements and define boundaries through visual cues. If you plan on having just a few pieces of furniture, rugs can fill empty spaces visually.
  3. Add textiles for texture and warmth. Textiles bring a sense of softness and curviness that contrasts well with angular borders. Consider incorporating tactile materials like blankets, decorative pillows and draperies into your interior remodeling plans. In addition to adding layers of comfort, textiles also help diffuse sound, which can contribute to a cozier feel when you want to spend quiet moments in your home.
  4. Embrace the architectural details. Architectural elements like variations in ceiling height and exposed beams can break up the monotony of a large space. Before you consider covering a stone accent wall around a fireplace, think about what it can add to your space — a contrast in color or texture, or perhaps it can be a focal point in an otherwise blank wall.
  5. Layered lighting creates ambience. Lighting is a key part of a room’s “mood” or ambience. A carefully planned mix of overhead, task and accent lighting can help add depth and warmth to your indoor space.

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