Pros & Cons of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you’re wondering what the biggest visual element in any room is, look down. Your floors can help define the overall design of any given space, but they also take a lot of beating over the years. If it’s time for an update, reclaimed wood is fast gaining traction among homeowners. But is it a good option for your home? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southern Lakes, one of the leading home remodeling contractors in the area, shares some pros and cons.

Advantages of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

There are plenty of things to love about reclaimed wood. It has multiple uses. Reclaimed wood can be used to make decking, wall paneling, tables, chairs, countertops and cabinets. As a flooring option, reclaimed wood is:

  • Eco-friendly. This is the defining feature of reclaimed wood floors. Because the material reduces the demand for newly sourced lumber, it can help keep deforestation in check. The full recyclability of your reclaimed wood floors means that they won’t end up in a landfill at the end of their service life. And compared to synthetic floor materials, reclaimed wood won’t generate toxic emissions that can harm the environment.
  • Elegant in appearance. Reclaimed wood floors add a warm, elegant vibe to a home. In fact, with their aged and weathered appearance, you can give any space a unique aesthetic that other floor choices can’t replicate. Plus, you’ll have many wood species to choose from. Consult a premier home remodeling company like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southern Lakes if you want to effectively incorporate reclaimed wood flooring with your home’s existing design. 
  • Tough and high-quality. Did you know that reclaimed wood is up to 40 points harder on the Janka hardness test than virgin wood? Flooring made of this material can take decades of use and abuse before you’ll need to have it replaced. Because of its durability, you won’t have to worry as much about cracks, chips and other types of damage. 

Why You Should Think Twice About Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Just like most building materials, reclaimed wood flooring has a few drawbacks. For instance, you’ll have to be careful when picking a supplier because some salespeople will try to pass off new lumber as authentic reclaimed wood. It’s also possible to misidentify the actual wood species of your reclaimed wood floor. This option may be costlier than other flooring options, not only because of the high demand, but due to its more intensive manufacturing process. To ensure your reclaimed wood is safe to use for flooring, any metal pieces that might be embedded in the material must be removed.

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