4 Popular Reasons Why Homeowners Remodel Their Bathrooms

Recently, Houzz conducted a survey to determine why homeowners are investing in bathroom remodeling projects. The goal of the survey was to find out what driving factors were behind the decision to renovate and what goals homeowners were hoping to accomplish. The results of the survey help remodeling professionals understand what clients want out of a bathroom remodel.

Here are the common reasons homeowners cited for wanting to remodel their bathrooms: 

  1. They dislike their current bathroom. According to the survey, around 30% of homeowners admitted that they renovated because they couldn’t stand their old bathroom. Exact reasons varied from a small shower and insufficient storage to poor lighting and limited counter space.
  2. They want to personalize a new home. Some of the surveyed homeowners said that they had bathroom renovations done to personalize a property they recently bought. They were willing to pay for features such as a premium finish in the shower, alternative flooring materials and even custom vanities for the sake of adding a personal touch to their new home.
  3. They are using a deteriorating bathroom. Alternatively, the Houzz survey also found that almost half of homeowners renovated their bathrooms due to wear. After all, you can’t relax and unwind when your bathroom is falling to pieces.
  4. They have always wanted to do it. Ultimately, the majority of homeowners chose a bathroom renovation project because they had the means to do so after a long time.

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