Things to Look for in a Remodeler

It’s a given that you should do your research on a home remodeling contractor before hiring them. You need to check how many years they’ve been in the industry, as well as what customer reviews have to say about them and how many certifications, if any, they’ve earned over the years. Keep in mind, however, that these are just the minimum requirements. 

What are other things you’re supposed to look for in a remodeler? 

An Extensive Portfolio

The best way to gauge a remodeler’s level of expertise is to examine their previous projects. However, a portfolio filled with relatively simple projects is a red flag. If you’re considering pursuing extensive renovations, make sure to pay attention to the details in the portfolio to get a feel for the overall difficulty of the projects. 

The Brands They Work With

There are plenty of remodelers with extensive portfolios on the internet. How do you narrow down your list? Contractors usually post the brands they work with on their website to stand out from the rest of the competition. But more than just a business strategy, openly listing the brands they use is a sign that a remodeler takes pride in the quality of their work.  

Quick tip: Keep in mind, however, that a long list of brands isn’t necessarily better. A relatively short list filled with reputable brands should inspire more confidence than a long list filled with lesser-known brands. 

The Intangibles

Looking up a contractor’s credentials on their website should be easy enough. Trying to find out whether they consistently display a high level of professionalism will require more research, however. In particular, an interior remodeling contractor should have: 

  • A customer-centric approach. A professional contractor would never leave your home a mess. They take all the necessary precautions to safeguard your home, such as draping plastic sheets over your furniture and wearing shoe covers. While skimming through online reviews, be on the lookout for anything negative about the cleanup a contractor conducted after the project. 
  • Flexibility. Despite taking all the necessary precautions, you can never rule out the risk of delays, which is why the contractor you hire should be flexible when it comes to dealing with unexpected hiccups. 
  • Excellent communication skills. A renovation is less likely to suffer setbacks if the remodeler you’re working with has excellent communication skills. Remember: a remodeling project is essentially a collaboration between you and your contractor. 
  • Enthusiasm. A customer-centric contractor should share the enthusiasm you have for your project. Otherwise, it’ll show in the end result. 

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