Bathroom Layout Do’s and Don’ts

Designing the bathroom layout can be a tough nut to crack. Given the complexities of a bathroom remodel, the layout needs to be carefully planned. In today’s post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Schaumburg discusses the details of bathroom layouts. 

Do Allow Sufficient Storage

Every bathroom needs ample storage. When designing the bathroom layout, think about how much storage you can get away with without making your bathroom look cramped. Storage at eye level, including the mirror cabinet, can be recessed into the wall to give the bathroom a more streamlined look. This will make it less top-heavy without sacrificing essential storage areas.

Don’t Choose Oversized Fixtures

Choosing an oversized fixture, consider its size in consideration to the bathroom itself. You may already have seen bathrooms with a freestanding bathtub placed in a spot where there’s little room to spare around it. Not only does it waste space, but it also makes everything else look small in comparison. If you want your bathroom to have a freestanding tub, you need ample space around it. Not just for aesthetics but for cleaning; otherwise, consider other styles. Your home remodel designer can help you choose fixtures that work with your bathroom layout.

Do Hide the Toilet from View

Having the toilet within view right after you open the door is not a good look for your bathroom. If relocating the toilet is off the table, there are a few changes that you can do to your bathroom’s layout. You can simply do this by changing the direction of the door swing so the toilet hides behind the door. If there’s enough clearance between the door and the toilet, you can place a partition wall between the two. Make sure there are at least eight inches of elbow room on both sides of the toilet.

Don’t Skimp on the Lighting

While both kitchen and bathroom lighting involve a combination of different lighting fixtures, the approach to bathroom lighting is more about ambiance and balance. Bathtub lighting should help you feel relaxed and vanity lighting should light up your face from all sides. – Just overhead lighting can create shadowing that wouldn’t be ideal when you shave or put on makeup.

Do Create Zones

Inexperienced designers plan the bathroom layout with the fixtures placed around the perimeter, leaving a void in the middle. You can avoid this by creating zones, which can be done regardless of the bathroom’s floor space. In a typical bathroom, you’d have zones for the toilet, bath, shower, and vanity. Defining these zones can be as simple as the difference between flooring materials or putting up a stud wall in the center.

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