Creating Effective Focal Points in an Interior Remodel

In photography, a focal point is the point where the camera lens is focused. This definition is more or less the same when it comes to interior remodeling. Creating a focal point in your design means giving a room a feature that will draw the attention of the viewer. In design, you are free to choose what part of your interior serves as the main focal point and then build around it.

Discussion about focal points often comes up during the design and planning stages of a remodeling project. Because there are so many ways you can create focal points, here are a few pointers from our experienced designers on how to create the best and most dramatic focal points and up your interior design game.

Dominant Focal Points

Because focal points draw the attention of a viewer, designers often choose the strongest detail of any room to be the focal point, or at least place the focal point in this area. From here on out, it’s easier to build around and decide other aspects of your design that can elevate the look of your interior.

The Rule of Thirds

If there’s one thing home remodeling contractors, photographers and filmmakers have in common, it’s that they are familiar with the rule of thirds. Take a look at any iconic cinematic scenes and notice the positioning of the focal point. It’s usually positioned a third from either left or right, or from top or bottom. This rule makes use of a weird human quirk that draws our eyes not to the center of any scene, but a little bit to the side. You can use this concept in interior design by placing your chosen focal point a third of the way from the center of the room.

You Don’t Have to Stick With Just One

While it’s common for a well-designed room to only have one focal point, there is no rule that says you can have only one. Take the interior of a living room, for example. The obvious candidates here are the television and entertainment center, a high ceiling with an ornate chandelier or lighting fixture, the windows or maybe even the fireplace. If you can’t decide which aspect of your living room to highlight, why not choose all of them? Admittedly, this can pose certain design challenges, but it’s important to recognize that this is an option.


The final, most important detail when defining focal points in home remodeling is making sure that there is a discernible order to your design. Aligning focal points along the axis of a room (the center) can achieve a more coherent, beautiful result.

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