Three Additional Ways to Utilize Your Home Office

Considering creating an office space in your home, but not sure if it’s worth it or not? Here are a few ways to utilize your home office outside of the 9 – 5.

A Guest Room

Running short on space? No problem. Murphy beds are space-saving and functional options. A few decor details can transform your office space to a comfortable bedroom for visiting friends and family. The addition of a cozy couch, and perhaps an armoire with a television and some storage for your guests, can easily create a welcoming environment. Additionally, decorating with a soft color like blue can simultaneously foster productivity for you and create a comforting energy for your guests. The best of both worlds!

A Playroom

Your home office can be a space for you and for the youngsters in your life. If the grandkids are coming to visit after school or on weekends, the office can easily double as a playroom for them. Your desk can become their desk if there’s any homework to wrap up. A fluffy rug is a great addition as well, both to dampen echoing on Zoom calls and to give the kids a place to sprawl out and play or watch TV. Lastly, a decorative trunk can be a beautiful aesthetic touch and can subtly house toys. Just because it’s a playroom doesn’t mean you should sacrifice professionalism.

A Hobby Room

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends? Your office can also be a hobby hub. Whether you enjoy music, art, reading, or any other hobbies, your office can be a place to practice those. The productive energy of the space shouldn’t be limited to weekdays! You can use your office to get through your fun checklist too, not just your work checklist. It can house hobby items, and can be designed around both work and play. Windows are great for natural light while working; they are also a canvas of inspiration for artwork. A built-in sound system can help with productivity during the day, and allow for optimal music listening (or even creating!) at night. Love to play games online? A top-of-the-line computer setup and a comfortable desk chair can support that. The options are limitless!

Remember that no matter how you choose to use your home office, it should still be your own. It should reflect your tastes and your needs. Create an environment that you love – a large part of the appeal of a home office is that you control what it looks like, not your employer. Decorate with family photos, hang as much wall art as you’d like, maybe even add a mini-fridge to combat the midday munchies! Your office should be just that: yours.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen believes in the untapped potential of every human being. If you are ready to maximize productivity from your own home office, start a conversation with us today.

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