4 Key Features of a Luxury Bathroom

There are many reasons to consider a luxury bathroom: you can look forward to a relaxing spa-like experience whenever you want, and it can also boost your home’s value. But what are the qualities that make a luxury bathroom? Read on as the bathroom remodelers at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Schaumburg share some qualities and key features.


People often picture a bubble bath with a candlelit ambience when thinking about luxury bathrooms. But it won’t feel luxurious if the bathroom doesn’t have space for storing items such as towels and soaps. Having amenities means storage space, which can be a challenge when you don’t have enough of it. A capable bathroom renovations specialist can help you design cabinetry and maximize countertop space so you can devote space to the amenities. 


With luxury bathrooms, quality always wins over quantity. Natural stone countertops and the best quality tile can contribute to a beautiful and luxurious bathroom. If you’re not sure which materials to choose, ask your bathroom remodeler. 

One thing you should remember about using materials such as natural wood and stone is they generally require more maintenance. Stone needs to be resealed and wood needs to be restained periodically. 


It goes without saying that every bathroom remodel should be carefully planned, but a luxurious bathroom needs a more thorough approach. It’s harder to relax in your bathroom when you’re staring at a misaligned tile or if you’re regretting choosing a chrome faucet instead of a brass one.

Fortunately, today’s technologies allow remodeling consultants to generate a virtual rendering of your remodeling plans. It’s now far easier to construct your dream bathroom in a virtual environment and eliminate guesswork as you create a final design.


A bathroom wouldn’t be a bathroom without fixtures. For a luxurious bathroom, choose the best ones that your budget will allow. A freestanding bathtub is one such fixture; in fact, it can become the focal point of the entire bathroom. Match it with a high-quality sink with a distinctive design, then complement them with high-quality faucets and showerheads.

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