5 Simple Tips to Make a Dark Room Brighter

Brightening a dark room may sound challenging if you don’t have a remodeling budget. However, brightening up a dark space doesn’t require a call to a home renovation expert. All it takes is some smart decorating on your part! Here are some easy tips from DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen of Schaumburg.

  1. Cleaning – If you want a cost-effective way of brightening up a dark room, consider tidying up the place. Make sure the windows are clean inside and out to allow as much light in as possible, and regularly dust surfaces to prevent them from dulling reflective finishes. Give your light fixtures a good cleaning as well so you can get the most illumination out of them.

  1. Reflective Wallpaper – When it comes to making a dark room brighter, wallpaper is a good place to start. To accomplish this, choose a wallpaper that has a metallic finish and a pale background to maximize light being reflected from the walls.

  1. Reflective Flooring – When it comes to flooring, you’ve likely heard an interior remodeling contractor recommend white flooring. If you find white flooring too high-maintenance, however, pale hardwood floors are a good alternative to brighten up a dark room.

  1. Strategically Placed Mirrors – Using mirrors to create the illusion that a room has more space and light than it actually does is a classic design trick. To accomplish this, place a mirror on the wall adjacent to the largest window. The mirror will reflect the most light in this location.

  1. The Right Furniture – Avoid heavy, bulky furniture as much as possible in favor of slimline, low-slung pieces. That way, more light can move around your room. Dark-colored furniture can lend warmth to a room but is bad at reflecting light, giving it the tendency to make living spaces look gloomy.

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