2020’s Top Trends for Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware

Updating your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t always have to be a big project. You can opt for small changes and still make a huge difference in the design of the space. Even the smaller details can give you great satisfaction.

If you are wanting to give your bathroom or kitchen a fresh look, you could focus on changing the hardware. Whether you are planning for significant home renovations or a mini project, here are some of this year’s hardware trends to guide you.


The soft-close trend has been around for years, and it’s not going away any time soon. Having the silent, slow-close feature in your drawer slides and sliding door systems definitely won’t make you want to go back to an older version. It’s just too convenient to let go of!


Push-to-open is another feature that has been popular for some time. However, it has yet to take off in new cabinet models, and this year might just be the perfect time. Since it eliminates the need for handles, push-to-open is perfect for those who want a minimalist, modern design in their kitchen or bathroom. Your interior remodeling contractor might recommend it, especially for upper cabinets.

Black & Brass

Black and brass finishes have captured the hearts of many homeowners over the past couple of years, thanks to their understated but sophisticated style. Satin brass, with its warm appeal, has been a particular favorite. Black finishes are perfect for homeowners who want to make a statement without making their interior look tacky.


Apart from the stylish design and unique texture, knurling also offers a very practical benefit: it makes it easier to grip or grab door handles and cabinet pulls. This option usually fits kitchens and bathrooms that make use of contemporary design and a combination of materials, textures and finishes.


Many of today’s homeowners are bold when it comes to their design choices. They seek out highly customized pieces and unique elements that capture their personality or a particular mood they want to simulate. It also helps that manufacturers and designers can offer a wide array of options and style combinations, creating more design possibilities for their clients.

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