How to Make a Windowless Room Work

It’s easy to imagine a dark, cramped space when you think about a windowless room. But thanks to some design hacks, you can brighten up a windowless room and make it look airy and inviting. Interior remodeling contractor DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville shares five tricks to make a windowless room work for you.

White Walls

Choose your wall color wisely. In the case of windowless rooms, white is your best friend. You can also opt for other light colors like taupe, beige or a very pale shade of blue. These hues will help make the space feel brighter and bigger. Using the same color for your walls and ceilings is also recommended as this can make the edges float away and draw attention to the items within the walls.


Mirrors are helpful in bouncing light around the room, and they also add a sense of depth or dimension to your wall planes. Adding a large mirror to a wall is especially beneficial if the room has a low ceiling. Make sure to opt for a mirror that reaches close to the ceiling but not all the way up. Leave at least four to six inches of space between the mirror and ceiling. This should be enough to distract the eyes from the ceiling line.

Undercabinet Lighting

You can ask your home remodeling contractor to add undercabinet lights, especially if you’re working with a windowless kitchen. These lights are quite functional when doing tasks in the kitchen, and they help lighten the edges of the room.


If an adjacent room has a natural light source, you might want to install a transom window between this room and your windowless room. Transom windows are usually placed high on a wall dividing two rooms, and they are an effective way of bringing light into one of the rooms without compromising privacy. A transom window also works well in bathroom spaces, especially if you place it over a mirror.

Internal Windows

Internal windows are full-size windows installed between living spaces where privacy is not a concern. For example, if a wall separates your living room from your dining area, you can install windows between these two spaces so that they can share light.

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