How to Define Focal Points in a Room

Focal points are elements that immediately stand out and capture attention. They’re usually the architectural features in a room, but large furniture pieces or groups of items can also be used as focal points. In general, anything that can draw attention to itself can be used as a design focal point. There can even be multiple focal points in a single room. 

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greenville, your trusted home remodeling contractor, shares some tips on defining focal points in this guide. 

Finding the Focal Point in a Room

Several features can meet the definition of a focal point, but which one should you use? Through the process of elimination, here are the steps to choosing a focal point in a room: 

  1. Start with the biggest feature. The eyes are naturally drawn to the largest thing in the room. Fireplaces, picture windows and built-in bookcases are some of the most common focal points. 
  2. Move on to the biggest furniture pieces. If a room has no unique architectural features, move on to the biggest furniture pieces. For instance, a couch or seating arrangement can serve as the base for your interior’s focal point. If you want more contrast within this particular space, you can choose a couch in bold or solid, dark colors. 
  3. Look for bold, colorful art pieces or elements. If a room doesn’t have any furniture big enough to immediately draw attention, the next best thing would be bold, colorful pieces that are visually or textually appealing. Important note: while it’s important to choose unique, bold elements, you need to make sure they don’t deviate too much from the interior. The entire design of the room will revolve around the focal point. 

Drawing Attention to Focal Points

Some design features are big, bold or unique enough to immediately capture the attention of anyone who enters a room. However, in most cases, you’ll need to make some modifications to divert attention towards them. Here are some tips: 

  • Making windows the focal point of a room – If windows or the outside scenery is the main focal point in a room, place the couch directly under the windows and build the furniture arrangement around this focal point. If you want to add a homey feel, you can place a rug in front of the couch. Keep in mind it’s important to make sure the rug complements the curtains, and vice versa. Otherwise, they might draw attention away from the windows. 
  • Identify a dominant focal point – As a rule of thumb, a room should have a maximum of three focal points. From the three, you need to pick one as the dominant focal point. 

For more tips, consult the interior remodeling contractors at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greenville. 

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