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Top Energy Vampires in the Kitchen & How to Deal With Them

You can’t cut out your kitchen energy usage completely. You can, however, find ways to reduce energy costs due to kitchen energy vampires. In this article, traditional kitchen remodeling company DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown shares the most common energy hogs in the kitchen and some energy-efficient solutions.

Underutilized Space

When it comes to kitchen layouts, bigger isn’t always better. A large floor space has higher heating and cooling requirements than an average-sized kitchen. Unless you own a commercial kitchen or run a restaurant, try to keep the size of your kitchen proportional to how often you use it and to what extent. This way, you can keep energy costs in check.

Outdated Kitchen Appliances

Older models of kitchen appliances consume more energy than newer models. Keep in mind that the life expectancy of certain appliances also affects their performance and thus, their energy efficiency. Gas ranges can last up to 15 years while refrigerators can last for around 13 years. Dishwashers and microwave ovens have the shortest life span, an average of nine years. When you’re looking for replacements, make sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® certification for maximum energy savings.

Most kitchen remodeling contractors will also be able to provide energy-efficient appliance options.

Improper Lighting

You can rely on natural lighting instead of artificial light during the daytime. At night, opt for individual task lights in areas where they’re needed. LED bulbs are ideal as they generate less heat and last far longer than their incandescent counterparts.

Unnecessary Heating

Kitchens are gathering places, which is why zonal heating is ideal. This way, you can warm up the kitchen without having to turn up the heating for the rest of your home.

Your Energy-Efficient Kitchen Awaits!

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. We achieve this by using only the best products and offering the best workmanship. Call us today at (717) 298-3830 to turn your dream kitchen into a reality!

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