Kitchen Planning Rules Savvy Homeowners Should Follow

A successful kitchen remodeling project starts with a carefully laid-out plan. It pays to be mindful of details and to take the time to determine the right budget for your project. That’s the closest you can come to guaranteeing that the results will match what you envisioned from the beginning. Let’s take a look at a few key kitchen planning rules every savvy homeowner should follow.

Plan for at Least Six Months

This is the minimum recommendation by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Taking your time when planning will help you stay on budget because it lets you figure out how committed you are to certain ideas and designs before you proceed with the actual renovation.

Spend time thoroughly examining your current kitchen. Take measurements of your doorways, walkways, counters and other key areas. This will come in handy if you’re thinking of bringing in new appliances or fixtures. Think about foot traffic as well. How many people are in and out of your kitchen on a daily basis? How busy does it get? If your household has multiple cooks working at the same time, you’ll want to make sure work aisles are at least 48 inches wide. If not, 42 inches will suffice.

Keep Durability in Mind

Your kitchen is the busiest part of your home, and it sees quite a few spills and splatters. If you want your kitchen to last as long as possible while still looking good as new, the choice of materials matters.

Your kitchen renovation plan should include a list of materials that you know matches your kitchen habits. Can they stand up to your everyday activities? Are your floors resistant to stains and heavy traffic? Can your countertops withstand scrapes, dents and heat? Consider maintenance as well; some materials require more TLC than others.

Focus on Adding Storage, Not Space

You don’t have to increase the footprint of your current kitchen to make way for more storage! A good designer can help you discover unused or underutilized areas in your kitchen that can help you get more organized without adding more space.

For example, your upper cabinets can be extended all the way up to the ceiling—a great way to store bulky and rarely-used items. Often-wasted spaces, like the wall over your range, can also be put to work. You can add hooks to hang up your utensils, which can free up drawer or countertop space. By carefully rethinking how you work and put away your things, you can slowly open up valuable space in your kitchen.

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