Common Renovation Terms Homeowners Should Know

You may have heard your remodeling contractor mention terms that you’re not familiar with. This is a common experience for homeowners who are remodeling for the first time. By learning common renovation terms, it will be easier to work with your remodeler. 

Building Codes

Building codes are ordinances established by local or state jurisdiction that cover how a structure can be built or changed. These vary, depending on your community and geographic location. Usually, new houses must comply with the most recent codes while existing homes have some flexibility when they are being brought up to code. 

Building Inspector

A building inspector is responsible for issuing building permits. He review blueprints and job progress to make sure that your project is up to code and complies with ordinances. 


This process involves knocking out and getting rid of old materials, wall coverings or walls inside your home. It’s usually the first step of a remodeling project. It opens up and clears space for the renovation. 


A design/build construction company does both the design and construction. They are responsible for architectural drawings and the actual construction work. Hiring a design/build company means you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors for home renovations

Pull a Permit

Some projects require a building permit that indicates an inspector has looked over the blueprints and will inspect the project to make sure it complies with codes. 


Sometimes, construction companies hire specialty contractors to handle plumbing or electrical work. 

Change Order

Change orders are written documents that change your contract once the work has begun. It’s an agreement between you and your remodeling contractor to modify the scope, schedule, price or other terms of your contract. A change order usually results in added costs and extended construction time. 


An easement refers to a formal agreement between two parties to allow one to use the other’s property. There may be instances where you may need it to access electrical, water or gas lines across a neighbor’s property. Keep in mind that easements only give you the right to use someone’s property for a specific purpose and do not transfer ownership. 


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It makes up the units, materials and methods used to control air quality, ventilation and thermal comfort. 

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