Combining Beauty & Durability: The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

When it comes to kitchen countertop materials, beauty and durability do not always go hand in hand. If you are in the market for a new kitchen countertop, the kitchen remodel contractors at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown can recommend kitchen countertop materials that balance beauty and durability.


Today’s quartz countertops, more often than not, are man-made or “engineered.” This means instead of naturally occurring quartz, these countertops are made of crushed marble and/or stone mixed with resin or cement. Thanks to refined manufacturing methods, the grain and marbling of engineered quartz can be hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Thanks to a type of protective resin coating, quartz countertops are less prone to chipping, resistant to scratches and spills, and are easy to clean. But the best part is the wide variety of colors and patterns available. Chances are you’ll find a quartz countertop that matches your existing kitchen color palette.


Soapstone is the countertop material of choice for high school science labs, thanks to its stain, heat and acid resistance. Its “soapy” feel is nonporous, which makes it easy to clean. The dark, marbled look adds a sophistication worthy of consideration for any kitchen renovation project. The only catch when it comes to soapstone is that it can get nicked with a knife, which means you need to be careful with your prep work.

Stainless Steel

Commercial kitchens almost always utilize stainless steel. In addition to being stain-resistant, stainless steel resists heat and rust, and is easy to clean and sanitize. Note that stainless steel countertops can scratch and will show smudges the more often you use them. They also make the most noise. One of the main considerations of choosing stainless steel as a countertop material—and the reason why it’s favored for commercial use—is its durability. Once you have a stainless steel countertop installed, it will last for decades.

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