A Quick Guide to Planning Wet Rooms

A wet room is an open bathroom without a division between the shower area and the rest of the space. The shower space usually has a half or full glass door and the same flooring as the entire room. In short, it’s a waterproof, open space without raised portions or steps. If you want to have a more luxurious and spa-like bathroom, then consider investing in a wet room. 

Here’s a quick guide to planning wet rooms from a trusted bathroom renovation expert. 

Wet Rooms vs. Standard Bathrooms

Wet rooms usually don’t have bathtubs, only a shower. A shower tray or door may not be present but there may be a partial glass partition. The floor of a wet room continues uninterrupted and the entire space is waterproof, from floor to ceiling. 

Water Drainage

Wet bathroom construction is best handled by experienced bathroom remodelers. This room requires a gradient along the floor for proper drainage. It also needs to be tanked or waterproofed. Gradients are usually made by installing a subfloor and then tiled over. Your remodeler may also install a ready-made sloping shower former, which is also tiled over. 


Waterproofing or tanking is essential to the functionality of a wet room. This process includes priming the floor, the entire wall around the shower and the lower parts of the walls. These areas are then covered with a syrupy membrane. Once the membrane has set, the room is then tiled. You should consider raising the bathroom door threshold to ensure all water stays inside. 

Smart Placement

Wall-hung furniture is great for wet rooms because it can give the space a sleek and airy look. If you’re working with a smaller space, consider installing a simple clear glass screen to protect furnishings from water. 

Technical Details

You must get the important features right to ensure the functionality of your wet room. Make sure that the gully can handle the volume of water from the shower. Don’t forget to check the number of gallons per minute the gully can handle. Also, to create a flush-to-floor look, the gully should be installed within the floor. 

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