Kitchen Flooring Materials That Feel Great Underfoot

Functionality and aesthetics are at the forefront of kitchen design. One often overlooked aspect, however, is the flooring. Beyond mere visual appeal, the choice of kitchen flooring materials can significantly impact the overall comfort of the space. In this blog post, local kitchen remodel expert DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Colorado Springs shares some of the different flooring materials that not only look stunning but also feel great underfoot.


Cork is a remarkable flooring material that emanates warmth and cushioned comfort. Sustainably harvested from cork oak trees, it offers a unique softness underfoot that helps alleviate joint stress. Its versatility in colors and textures adds a distinctive charm to any kitchen space. Available in planks and tiles, it requires a certain level of care, including regular waxing or sealing, to guard against dents and scratches. However, the extra maintenance is a small price to pay for its resilience and comfort.


Often conflated with vinyl, linoleum flooring is made from natural materials like linseed oil and powdered cork. Famed for its softness, durability, and a vast selection of patterns and colors, it can infuse a kitchen with both character and comfort. Maintaining its appearance over the years merely involves a protective finish, once again emphasizing that high-comfort flooring can also be low maintenance.


Vinyl flooring offers an economical yet cushioned choice for a kitchen renovation project. It’s a welcome relief for tired feet, with the added benefit of standing strong against kitchen mishaps and messes. Vinyl’s array of styles, from bold colors to intricate patterns, makes it an appealing choice for a cozy yet stylish kitchen.

Engineered Wood

While traditional hardwood is known for its beauty and value-adding properties, engineered wood is a kitchen-friendly alternative that provides similar warmth with extra comfort. Thanks to its multiple layers and top veneer of real wood, it’s resilient to the challenges a kitchen floor might face, cushioning your steps and elevating the comfort level of your culinary haven.

Bamboo Flooring

Not only is bamboo flooring known for its environmentally friendly attributes, but it also offers a degree of softness underfoot that is uncommon with traditional hardwood. Its natural elasticity provides a slight cushion that is noticeable during prolonged periods of standing. When selecting bamboo, opt for the harder, high-quality options like strand woven or engineered bamboo for enhanced durability and added comfort in your Colorado kitchen.

Mats and Rugs

Kitchen comfort can still be achieved even if a complete flooring overhaul isn’t feasible or your heart is set on a hard surface like stone or tile. Strategic placement of gel mats or cushioned rugs in areas where you stand the most, such as in front of the sink or stove, can provide relief. This alternate option lets you enjoy both the beauty of a hard surface and the comfort where it counts.

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