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At DreamMaker, we work hard to provide an exceptional experience for each of our clients that pursues a remodeling project with us. As we regularly evaluate and measure our performance, client reviews provide the necessary feedback that both encourage our team in the things we are doing well and forces us to address the things that need tweaked. We welcome reviews via Guild Quality, a third party review company, Google, Facebook and on our website. If you are an existing client, thank you for being a part of our ongoing mission. If you are just researching us for the first time, we hope the reviews below offer you a better understanding of the DreamMaker experience.


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Review Quote Jul 20, 2018
We interviewed several local firms regarding our planned remodel. The finished product confirmed our belief that we made the correct decision choosing Dreammaker. They listened, rather than simply pulling a design from the shelf, and helped create a unique room than continues to get raves from other who see it. We have recommended Deammmaker to others and will continue to do so. Besides, they really are nice people.
- David L. | Bakersfield, CA
Review Quote Jul 6, 2018
I really couldn't be happier with the finished product of DreamMaker Bakersfield. The DreamMaker Bakersfield team made every step of the remodel process as painless as possible. The level of professionalism displayed by the entire DreamMaker team is first class.
- Lindsay A. | Bakersfield, CA
Review Quote Jun 27, 2018
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is an amazing company to work with, the staff are experts in their field of work and customer service is their priority. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a remodeler that pays close attention to detail.
- Adam V. | Bakersfield, CA
Review Quote Jun 20, 2018
This company was wonderful to work with. The best contractors I've ever used. Didn't make a difference whether I was married or single...nor did they ask. They were considerate of my time and my opinion, as well as my budget. Highly recommend this company.
- Monica D. | Bakersfield, CA
Review Quote Apr 24, 2018
The staff at Dream Maker were very knowledgeable and friendly. The kitchen cabinets they installed for us are beautiful. The job was professional. I would recommend them to any one.
- Debra P. | Bake, CA
Review Quote Mar 12, 2018
After getting some positive comments about DreamMaker’s work from several co-workers and friends, we decided to have DreamMaker do a complete renovation of our kitchen and laundry room. They first worked with us on the design and selection of the cabinets, counter tops, appliances and hardware. The project wasn’t started until all cabinets and other equipment was in and checked. During the remodel, the entire project site was cleaned at the end of each work day. We were so pleased with the kitchen remodel, we have now had DreamMaker completely remodel our guest bathroom, master bathroom and walk-in closet. We are very pleased with Patty, Everett, Tommy and the rest of the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen staff, and would recommend their work to anyone.
- Ron S. | Bakersfield, CA
Review Quote Mar 9, 2018
There will come a time when you realize that you can't do it all yourself, and have the painful decision to, *gulp*, hire a contractor.... DreamMaker IS the go-to place! Their Number one concern is YOU. Extremely professional and helpful! No headaches, worries, or concerns. I never once heard the word "no"! I had a bathroom remodel that turned out exactly the way I wanted! The attention to detail of the project is so professional, and they have an extreme consideration for the rest of my home while at work. I will be getting my other bathroom done and it will be as easy as just one call to DreamMaker!
- Janet M. | Bakersfield, CA
Review Quote Feb 19, 2018
The staff at Dreammaker was very knowledgeable and helpful during our bathroom remodel. I enjoyed working with Sharlene. She was very helpful in coordinating everything and offering suggestions. Dustin was an excellent communicator, calling us before coming and letting me know when to expect the other workers. We are very pleased with how our remodel turned out. There were a few hiccups in the project, but they were worked through and finished to our satisfaction. We plan to use Dreammaker again to remodel our other bathroom.
- Melissa Z. | Bakersfield, CA
Review Quote Feb 2, 2018
WOW!!! The team at Dreammaker did a excellent job on our Master bathroom remodel. They took extra care from start to finish, we never had to worry, they took care of everything very professionally. The team that Everett and Patty has working for them was perfect, from Jeum, Tommy to Shar (designer) and Dustin the contractor. They were able to take the vision and turn it into reality.
- Kevin C. | Bakersfield, CA

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