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Graceful Accessibility

Project Name
Graceful Accessibility
Project Summary
Both functional and beautiful properly describe this master bathroom remodel. Meeting full Veteran's Administration guidelines for wheelchair accessibility and full aesthetic desires for the supportive wife were equally important goals, and they came together wonderfully with great finishes and design that met everyone's desires.
Project Story
Current limited accessibility needs and very certain long-term accessibility needs were at the forefront of this master bathroom remodel for our homeowners - a military veteran and his wife. With a prosthetic leg, his days vary with the time spent traveling around in his wheel chair or on foot. Meeting the strict accessibility requirements would be somewhat easier if a person did not care about the aesthetics and only needed the function part of the equation addressed, but this remodel was able to accomplish both. These clients are fun, lively, and love their home. They still very much longed for it to be presentable for visitors and an enjoyable space for both of them.
Project Category
Bathroom Remodeling
Job Category
Master Bath
Services Performed
Demolition, Designing, Doors, Flooring, Installation, Lighting, Painting
Springfield - IMG_3392.JPG
The heart of the problem, a step in front of whirlpool tub limit makes entrance with a single leg very difficult. Small shower space with 4” barrier edge means no entrance with wheelchair and difficult entrance even on foot.
Springfield - Accessible (1).jpg
New design includes zero threshold/roll-in access to shower, 48” x 48” floor space with 15” deep seating, water controls within access, adjustable handheld as well as shower head bathing options and necessary grab bars.
Springfield - Accessible (3).jpg
Before, there was not a grab bar for safety. Now, for tub bathing, wheel chair is able to get close to edge of tub and two grab bars are present for transferring. Water controls are accessible from wheelchair.
Springfield - IMG_3396.JPG
Springfield - Accessible (2).jpg
New configuration meets accessibility requirements for ease and safety of use (and more independence).
Springfield - Accessible (8).jpg
Accessible for him and spa-like for her.
Springfield - Accessible (10).jpg
Cambria Toquay quartz tops dress up the double bowl vanity.
Springfield - Accessible (9).jpg
Full roll-under access for him and lots of organized storage space for her.
Springfield - Accessible (5).jpg
Luxury vinyl plank product is easy to maneuver with wheelchair, not so cold under foot and will wear well with splash area outside shower and tub. Large open pathways mean less wheelchair bumps into walls.
Springfield - Accessible (4).jpg
The entry to the closet is now a barn door for less intrusion on floor space.
Springfield - IMG_3402.JPG
The odd space at the back of the closet has poor access.
Springfield - Accessible (16).jpg
New closet organization makes access easier, more attractive, and a more purposeful space.
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