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Remodeling Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

Major home remodeling projects are noisy and dusty affairs. It’s only fair that you should inform your neighbors about your remodeling project. Here’s how to be a good neighbor and practice good remodeling etiquette.

Let Your Neighbors Know

It is common courtesy to let your neighbors know that you are planning a major home remodeling project well in advance. Explain the scope of the project, what it will involve, how long it will take, and inform them who they should contact if there is a problem and you’re away. In addition, take your neighbors’ schedules into consideration when planning your contractor’s work hours.

Make Sure to Get the Permits

Alleviate your neighbors’ concerns and assure them that your project will be completed according to local laws and regulations. Ensure your contractor gets all the proper permits for your project and gets the project approved. Display permits in a window where passersby can see.

Show Them Your Appreciation

During the project, check in with your neighbors. Ask them if they have any concerns and address them if possible. After your project is completed, let your neighbors know that you appreciate their understanding and patience. As appropriate, show them the results of your finished project.

Work With the Pros at DreamMaker

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