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Things You Need to Understand About Wallpaper

The right wallpaper can make a room feel vibrant, welcoming and more. You’ll need to prepare for this project because it has a big effect on how a room feels. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Schaumburg, an experienced home remodeling contractor, shares a few wallpaper tips.

Do Use Accent Walls

Bold, bright-colored wallpapers are best used as an accessory. Consider covering only one wall with your dream wallpaper and see if it works, since too much bold pattern in a room can feel very overwhelming. Consider if one wall is enough to make a statement.

Don’t Leave Holes & Dents

You’ll need to spackle and sand blemishes in your walls before you cover them with wallpaper. If not, these blemishes will show through, particularly if your wallpaper is thin. You will need to make sure that a wall is as clean and blemish-free as possible if you want your wallpaper to look flawless.

Do Use Patterns Properly

You will need to make sure that patterned wallpaper matches the scale of the room it is located in. It is far too easy to overwhelm the eye with a busy wallpaper design that’s present through multiple walls. Keep a wallpaper pattern in line with the dimensions and size of the room you’re installing it in.

Don’t Improvise

Wallpaper is one of the most visible elements of a room. If you make a mistake in choosing a wallpaper color or pattern, then you might find it impossible to create a coherent interior design for the room. Study basic design principles, use samples and ask for professional advice when possible. Don’t just wing it.

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