The Makings of the Perfect Mudroom

A mudroom is an entryway or small room where outerwear and footwear can be removed before entering a home. It is typically located in a secondary entrance and is a hardworking space, even if it’s small. Planning a home remodeling project to add a mudroom? Make sure yours is perfect by including the following features:

  • Bench seating. The first thing you want to do before entering your home is to take off your shoes, and you’re going to need a place to sit. To make the most of your bench, put a boot tray underneath or opt for a design that comes with a flip-up seat for extra storage.

  • Hooks & racks. For hanging coats, scarves and hats, hooks and racks are great. You can even install multiple rows to maximize your wall space.

  • Closet. While a mudroom feels a lot like a big closet itself, adding a designated closet to the space gives you concealed storage for sports equipment, cleaning supplies, out-of-season wares and other items you don’t want lying around.

  • Lockers or cubbies. The ultimate mudroom feature, lockers or cubbies give each member of your household their own storage space. You can also place them at varying heights depending on what you want to store, for example, low cubbies for shoe storage and high cubbies for seasonal items.

  • Washer & dryer. Mudrooms are often where dirty clothes land, so having a washer and dryer in this space makes it quick and easy to do a load.

  • Durable flooring. Easy to clean and durable, tile floors are a practical choice for mudrooms.

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