The Different Types of Homeowner-Remodelers

Home remodeling is a significant investment for any homeowner to make, so it’s understandable to want to be as involved as possible. After all, it is your home and whatever alterations you make will be there for years to come. Did you know that this can also make you a specific type of homeowner-remodeler? Here are some common types of homeowner-remodelers.

The Manager

Being a manager usually involves keeping good records, tracking finances and having a healthy sense of where things are going. A manager can communicate clearly and effectively by voicing concerns. However, one drawback is it can be difficult for a manager to distinguish between jumping in and completely taking over. Stepping in too frequently can cause confusion and disrupt the work flow of your project.

The Micromanager

The second kind of homeowner-remodeler is the micromanager. Oftentimes, these people get a bad rap but there is an advantage to this management style: micromanagers are detail-oriented, proactive and good at keeping up with deadlines. 

However, becoming overly involved in your project can slow down or stall work and even create discord among contractors, resulting in an unpleasant working experience. 

The Hands-off Remodeler

By taking the hands-off approach, you’re putting your faith in your remodeling team and are patient enough to trust them to do a successful remodel. However, you might come off as indecisive to your contractor, which can result in delays.

Why You Should Work With a Professional Remodeler

While being a hands-off remodeler or even DIYing are perfectly acceptable ways to spruce up your home, it’s still best to work with an experienced home improvement remodeler. By doing so, your project will run smoother and take less time.

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